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A Message from FleishmanHillard Account Supervisor and TLF Alum Joseph Apodaca
My name is Joseph Apodaca and I received The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF) scholarship in 2012. I received the scholarship while I was pursuing my degree in Journalism and Mass Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at California State University, Long Beach. I successfully received my degree in 2013, a feat that would not have been possible without the support of TLF.
Thanks to TLF, I had the pleasure of being able to intern for the Foundation and gain a greater knowledge of the non-profit sector, while also learning more about the agency side of the public relations world. Because of TLF, I was able to parlay the degree I earned at Cal State Long Beach to my career at FleishmanHillard – a global public relations agency I have been fortunate to call my home for the past 5+ years. Most importantly, this scholarship has helped me feel empowered to make diversity a priority in all facets of my job – whether it comes to prospective team members or campaigns for clients.
I am a strong proponent of TLF’s mission because I am living proof that their support has impacted me in an extremely positive way. I continue to stay involved because I want fellow diverse individuals to not feel limited by circumstance and to go after their dreams without hesitation. I believe it is important to continue the great work TLF is doing, and we will be able to do so with the support from you. 
Please consider joining me in supporting The LAGRANT Foundation so that we can continue the great work of shaping the future of bright, diverse leaders!
Joseph Apodaca
Account Supervisor, FleishmanHillard
2012 TLF Scholarship Recipient
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