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TLF 2020 Graduate Scholarship Recipient Daniel Brown
My name is Daniel Brown, and I am currently a first-year graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I am pursuing my masters’ degree in graphic design. I decided to pursue my degree in graphic design because I am passionate about using my creativity to create compelling visual narratives that resonate with people. 

I first heard about TLF after researching scholarships that support minorities pursuing a career in advertising. I decided to apply to the scholarship program because I felt TLF would help me grow and develop as a creative professional. As a minority, I support TLF’s mission of empowering marginalized voices in the advertising industry. With this scholarship, I can make progress towards my degree while learning how I can use my voice to influence positive change in the industry.

Once I earn my degree, I have plans to work at a creative advertising agency. I am interested in working in digital media and entertainment. With career aspirations to become a Creative Director, I am determined to use my creative talents and abilities to bring stories to life through new forms of media and digital communications.

We need more diverse voices and talent working at advertising agencies who influence how we tell stories to reach people. Bringing diversity into my field of work is important because it allows designers, creators, and other communicators to engage with various perspectives. When we have different people in the room who come from diverse life experiences, I believe we can come up with novel solutions and start conversations. 

Beyond receiving the scholarship, I want to continue to stay involved with TLF to help support the next generation of creators of color. Thank you to everyone who has poured into my education and helped me continue striving towards my goals. 

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