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TLF 2020 Graduate Scholarship Recipient Krystal Robinson
27 years ago, on June 6, Krystal Robinson was born. Fast forward to 2020, Krystal is now an MBA student at Wayne State University (WSU) where she is pursuing a graduate degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship. Krystal also attended WSU for her undergrad, majoring in Business Marketing. Krystal desired to purse marketing in part of her passion for creativity and felt this desire could be fulfilled in advertising. Krystal decided to return to higher education to pursue an MBA in entrepreneurship because she wishes to create an organization that will serve her community.


Krystal first heard about TLF through a Fastweb Scholarship email. Krystal was inspired by TLF and appreciated the work that the Foundation was doing for students of minorities. Krystal believes in TLF’s mission because since she has been in the advertising industry, she feels there are not enough people who look like herself who work in her field. With this scholarship, Krystal will be able to finish her final year of graduate school strong and continue to grow in her career.

After Krystal earns her MBA, she expects to continue working in advertising and start working on her own organization that will strive to support students’ understanding of different career options. Krystal wants to pursue these goals because she too lacked career support and wants other students in her community to have the support and resources they need. Bringing diversity into advertising is important because every voice should be heard and properly displayed.

Beyond receiving this scholarship, Krystal wants to continue to stay involved with TLF to support other students. Krystal believes the work TLF does is important because diversity is important in any work environment, especially in our field.


Krystal would like to thank her mother and fiancé who both have always been big supporters in her educational and career journey.

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