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TLF 2020 Graduate Scholarship Recipient Kweimeiley Nartey
My name is Kweimeiley Nartey and I am currently a graduate student at LIM College where I am pursuing my degree in Fashion Marketing. I wanted to pursue a degree in Fashion Marketing because I wanted to learn the business side of Fashion and educate myself on the history, theories, and marketing strategies. 

I first learned about TLF while searching for organizations that support the success of minorities. TLF helps minorities obtain resources and tools that are not commonly available by providing mentorship and professional development opportunities. I believe in the TLF mission because minorities don’t always have access to opportunities that others may have, and pipelines like this are game changers in changing the narrative of people feeling left out.  I am grateful for this scholarship, because I will have gained a network that will aid in helping me navigate my process.  

Once I earn my degree, I aspire to work as a marketer in the fashion or beauty space. I want to pursue these goals because I owe it to myself and I want to make my mother proud. I also want other young women to be inspired; I want to be a role model.  Bringing diversity into my field is important because in every workforce there should be respect, understanding, and appreciation for the differences in people. When different people are able to bring their ideas to the table, it makes the idea more inclusive and makes the idea stronger. 

Beyond receiving the scholarship, I want to continue to stay involved with TLF because it is important that all of our voices are represented. 

Thank you Mr. Kim Hunter for creating an exceptional organization, empowered to help students succeed, the board of directors, and everyone else who helps aid in making TLF’s mission a success.

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