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TLF 2020 Graduate Scholarship Recipient Marleny DeLeon
My name is Marleny De León and I am currently a first-year graduate student at Vanderbilt University, where I am pursuing my MBA with a concentration in marketing and strategy. An MBA offers me the means to effectively engage innovative strategies in envisioning, creating, and sustaining new enterprises to help the historically underserved and disenfranchised.  

As an acculturated Guatemalan Maya, whose mother was forced to drop out of first grade to help raise her seventeen siblings, the LAGRANT Foundation’s mission speaks dearly to my heart. The invaluable resources I will gain through the TLF Scholarship, such as professional development and vital alliances, will ultimately help ease my financial peace of mind, knowing that I can fully concentrate on my studies. 

After earning my MBA, I hope to be uniquely-focused on educational consulting in the U.S. and possibly expand into Latin America. I want to pursue these goals because I have seen first-hand how not enough minorities have the privilege of accessing a graduate education. Through my uniquely Indigenous Latina perspective that has always worked for citizenship, educational opportunity, and enriching communities, my aim is to increase diversity and inclusion throughout business and to give back synergistically to others following in my footsteps. 

Potential leaders within marginalized communities need to be empowered so that they may engage globalization on their own terms. This is how I intend to maintain my alliance with LAGRANT. The TLF Scholarship represents an illustrious honor and I will ensure to live up to the preeminent standards of the distinguished LAGRANT Foundation, while also sharing the promise of its legacy. Growing up with many responsibilities in an immigrant community, I was not allowed even the means to dream of an MBA education; with allies such as LAGRANT, I am learning to thrive in what once seemed an impossibility.

Thank you, LAGRANT Foundation, for helping me turn my aspirations into reality!

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