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TLF 2020 Graduate Scholarship Recipient Michaela Alexander
My name is Michaela Alexander. I am entering my last year at the University of Alabama where I am pursuing a MA in Advertising and Public Relations. After earning my degree, I want to work in corporate communication. One of my main influences for pursuing a career in public relations stimulated from my internship experiences. I am intrigued by space, the military, science, and the automotive industry. I embrace the challenges of gaining more knowledge in technology and science-based industries. I enjoy learning about those industries and finding ways to relay the information for everyone to understand. 

One day I would love to contribute to the diversity and inclusion aspect of the industry. Many positions are opening involving diversity and inclusion. I am passionate about inclusivity and I want to help companies become more inclusive and accepting of minorities. A part of the drive behind me wanting to work in corporate communication is the fact that I feel that minorities need a voice in companies, especially those that are aspiring to or currently working globally. For a company to be successful, there is a need to be culturally aware and have a diversity of thought when it comes to creating content and connecting with the public. With the United States being as diverse as it is, the lack of equal representation drives me to work harder to ensure that there is. 

I am extremely grateful that The LAGRANT Foundation has awarded me this scholarship and mentorship opportunity. I first learned about the scholarship at The Plank Center’s Diversity and Inclusion Summit in Chicago last year. Receiving the scholarship from The LAGRANT Foundation showed me that they are supportive of my dreams, and also that they are dedicated to uplifting other minorities in the industry.
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