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TLF 2020 Graduate Scholarship Recipient Paul Bernabe
My name is Paul Bernabe and I am entering my second year at The City College of New York where I am pursuing my MPS in Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC). I wanted to get my Masters degree to grow my skills and follow through on a career switch years in the making. 

I first heard about The LAGRANT Foundation through BIC’s program director, Nancy Tag. When I looked into TLF, I immediately felt a strong connection to its mission. Increasing the representation of ethnic minorities not only helps open doors for us but it helps show those coming after us that they are just as capable and deserving of going through those doors. 

After earning my Masters degree, I hope to work as a copywriter at a creative agency here in New York. I’m pursuing these goals not just for myself but so that people on the same journey can have someone to point their compass towards. Bringing diversity into our field is imperative — diversity not only helps give a voice to others, but it in turn makes the collective work we do stronger! 

Beyond receiving the scholarship, I want to continue to stay involved with TLF because I want to be a mentor for others. It would be my honor to help guide others and give them the tools to bridge any gaps they may face. 

I’d like to thank my program director Nancy Tag and my track director Gerardo Blumenkrantz for being such strong mentors and guides on this journey. Last but not least, I’d especially like to thank my wife Kristine for her unrelenting support through all the long days and nights.

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