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TLF 2020 Graduate Scholarship Recipient Socheat Tauch
My name is Socheat Tauch and I am currently a graduate student at the University of Oregon, where I am studying Sports Product Management. I wanted to explore this degree program because I want to use my creativity and enter the sports industry and be surrounded by technical products.

I first heard about TLF through my initial scholarship research specifically for minorities and underrepresented student populations. I applied to the scholarship because I wanted to join a coalition of like-minded students-of-color who are interested in joining the creative marketing and advertising field. I believe in TLF’s mission because, when given the platform, students-of-color bring immense value to the workforce through their rich, cultural experiences. With this scholarship, I am now able to better prepare and educate myself as I enter the sports product industry

Once I earn my degree, I hope to work as a product line manager or a product developer for a top sportswear company like Nike, Columbia Sportswear, or Adidas in the United States and/or overseas in Asia. I want to pursue these goals because I want to make all athletes and consumers perform at their best through market and trend research, data analysis, and design and development processes. Bringing diversity into my field of work is important because I believe more people-of-color need to be represented in the sports product industry. Diverse teams are able to possess crucial critical thinking skills and alternative ways of reasoning due to their individual and unique lived experiences.


Beyond receiving the scholarship, I want to continue to stay involved with TLF because giving back to this foundation as they continue their work will only encourage the next round of students-of-color to obtain and utilize these same resources as I did. I think the work TLF is doing is important because it gives students-of-color an opportunity, not only to be heard, but also gives them the foundation to succeed in their career journey.

Thank you for getting this far and reading my blog. I want to give a big thank you to the TLF for selecting me as a 2020 graduate award recipient; Shelly G. for writing an awesome letter of reference; my partner Coua X. for helping me proofread my application submission and supporting me in chasing my dreams; and of course to my greatest of friends, Vickie G. and Brian S. for being an awesome sound board and source of inspiration as I go through my highs and lows of my graduate program, online zoom classes, and phases of uncertainty during the COVID pandemic.

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