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TLF 2020 Scholarship Recipient Rafiat Animashaun
As a second time recipient, I am truly thankful for The LAGRANT Foundation scholarship for helping my personal and career pursuits. As a Black woman, I understand how much an education and degree can strongly impact the trajectory of my career, but also the financial burden it can be striving to attain it. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to focus on my studies and pursue challenging yet rewarding professional opportunities.

I was raised in a household where my Nigerian parents spoke Yoruba and immersed me in our culture, as well as surrounded by and interacted with people of different backgrounds. I grew an insatiable appetite to learn from, understand and appreciate all cultures and languages. Unfortunately, as a child, this desire was not met through entertainment. Popular TV shows and movies rarely had people who reflected the diversity I saw. 

But the culture is changing, and the industry needs to too. Shows with minority representation, such as FX’s Atlanta, Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and Master of None and ABC’S Black-ish, Fresh of the Boat and Speechless, show a movement towards diverse casts and storylines, and audiences are receiving them with passion and hunger for more.

In response to this clear demand for better and accurate minority representation in the media, I launched my agency IRE PR + PRODUCTION in early 2020. I aspire to grow this agency into an entertainment PR firm that focuses on creating a space for minority-focused stories, content and people.

I have been fortunate to have the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation as my first client and my show, Ameri-Kinda, be greenlighted for production by the University of Southern California’s Artemis. I hope to use these first wins as a foundation for an agency that seeks to help marginalized communities gain the voice and means to advocate for themselves.

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