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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Alexandra Bouras
Hello! I’m Alexandra Bouras, and I'm a senior at California State University, Fullerton. CSUF has been a fantastic place for me to learn and pursue my Communications degree with an emphasis in PR. I truly believe that words have incredible power, and I’m working to be able to change the world with mine.

I first found out about TLF through my university. I was impressed that there was a scholarship out there that was not only specific to my major, but also placed importance on uplifting my identity. Fast forward from my first application as a wide-eyed college freshman to now being a third-time scholarship recipient, I am incredibly grateful to have had TLF alongside me every step of the way. Mr. Hunter and the TLF team’s generosity has provided me with so many opportunities over the past three years which have allowed me to network and build lasting connections with mentors and peers who share the same vision as I do. I believe in TLF’s mission because this foundation creates a strong and caring community among those who may have otherwise struggled to get their foot in the door in this competitive industry.

Once I earn my degree, I hope to continue working in PR and journalism in the music scene. Art is a huge part of our culture, and it’s important to bring diversity into that field of work to make sure that we are being given more than just one voice and one vision.

Beyond receiving the scholarship, I would like to thank and stay involved with TLF since they have helped me immensely along my college career. I think this foundation is doing incredible work, and I am so excited to see what amazing things this team and the alumni accomplish together in the future.

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