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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Bianca Diaz
My name is Bianca Diaz and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at San Antonio where I am pursuing a degree in Marketing. I have always been interested in the world of marketing and the psychology behind every decision. I hope to start an organization that grants marketing assets to rising small businesses and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. 

After viewing TLF’s mission, I knew instantly that I had to apply. Their mission emphasizes how much marketing affects society and, in a diverse country, it is important to have employees that reflect this same diverse demographic to ensure truthful, just practices. With this scholarship, I am now able to fund another semester of college on my road to graduating debt free. 

After earning my degree, I plan on obtaining my MBA and starting a career with a business (particularly in retail digital marketing) that values diversity and cultural awareness. An inclusive field is not only beneficial for the businesses and firms, but is beneficial for the communities directly affected by these firms. To gain consumer’s trust is only possible by addressing their needs and those who know these needs the greatest are the people who are just like them.

In addition to receiving the scholarship, I want to continue to stay involved with TLF because their strive to create a more diverse work environment is crucial in maintaining marketing justice and reducing disenfranchisement. With their knowledge in which businesses are upholding these practices, I am able to reach out to companies I can trust will uphold their same values. 

I would like to thank my parents Maria and Delfino Diaz Jr. for their constant support and guidance as well as The LAGRANT Foundation for sharing a message that must continue to be shared in an ever-changing world.

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