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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Dage Girault Albert
My name is Dage Girault Albert and I am currently a senior at Lycoming College. I am pursuing a degree in Corporate Communications. I wanted to get my degree in Corporate Communications because I wanted to help companies better communicate with the public, and with stakeholders and shareholders.

I first heard about TLF through my college advisor. I wanted to apply to this scholarship because I knew it would introduce to professionals in the field that would help me get the proper start in the industry. I believe in TLF’s mission because it is important to have people from all backgrounds in this field. Doing so creates a work environment where you get multiple perspectives. With this scholarship, I will be better equipped to help pay for my final year in college.

Once I earn my degree, I hope to be the person in charge of all communication efforts for the company I work for. I want to pursue these goals because a lot of times, companies are not clear with their consumers and customers, which often lead to putting out products or statements that may be offensive. I want to prevent that from happening. Bringing diversity into my field of work is important because when you work with a diverse team, you are allowing for multiple ideas and solutions to be created.

Beyond receiving the scholarship, I want to continue being involved with TLF because I want future applicants to see that you can be a minority and succeed in this industry. I think the work TLF is doing is important because they are giving underrepresented populations a chance to put themselves out there in the field of advertising, public relations, and marketing.

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