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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Johnny Miao
Hi! I’m Johnny (Jiawei) Miao, currently a rising junior at Fordham University Lincoln Center, where I am pursuing my degree in Global Business with a concentration in Global Marketing and Consumer Insights. I chose to pursue this major because I wanted to develop both my analytical and creative skills in an environment that reflects the rapid globalization of the world.

I realized the purpose behind my drive to go into marketing and advertising at the 2019 New York Advertising Week. One of the presenters on stage showed a commercial from their marketing campaign entitled “Do What You Can’t.”  It inspired people to defy barriers and change the world for the better, starting from the individual and broadening to a global scale. That ad made me realize that I want to use my skills to create advertisements and marketing campaigns like that in the future—ones that can be motivating and impactful to the consumer while also building the brand.

So when I first heard about TLF through my academic advisor, I knew I wanted to apply for the scholarship to help me on my path in promoting progress and diversity through marketing and advertising campaigns. Now with the opportunity that this scholarship gives, I can achieve that purpose, while at the same time tying it to the similar goal of promoting diversity within those industries.

Beyond receiving the scholarship, I know I’ll stay involved with TLF for its fantastic opportunities and progressive mission. The work TLF is doing is so important in bringing new perspectives and minority voices into the marketing, advertising, and public relations industries.

I want to thank TLF for this opportunity, Jennifer O’Neil for her reliable counseling, Father Vin for the constant introduction to new opportunities, and Dean Rapaccioli for her continuous encouragement.

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