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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Jordan Alarcon
My name is Jordan Alarcon and I am a senior at The University of Texas at Austin, currently pursuing a degree in Public Relations. I chose this degree because PR campaigns today are outlets to relate and speak to an audience, and now more than ever I want to be a part of that. 

I first heard about The LAGRANT Foundation through the Unigo website in 2018. At the time, I was looking to transfer to UT Austin. I wanted to apply to the scholarship because I believe it is crucial to consciously represent the growing minority consumer. With this scholarship, I transferred to my dream school and am now closer to being a part of those spaces. 

Upon graduating, I aim to work in brand and corporate communications. I have always had a passion for community engagement and representation. I aspire to continue doing it. I want to work for a brand or company that takes chances and has conversations that some may avoid. By including people from all different backgrounds, you can execute these conversations in an efficient and effective manner. 

TLF taught me how to amplify my voice in this field. I want to stay involved with this organization because they gave me the tools that I didn’t have. The work TLF does is important because there is so much meaning to the work done within this field. Content can make people feel like they matter. I want to be a part of making every person seen and heard. 

I’d like to thank Kim Hunter and Christopher Juarez for continuing to stay in contact after receiving the 2019 scholarship, something I found very unique about this program and organization. I would truly like to thank you for all that you do for us.

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