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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Joshua Harris
My name is Joshua Harris and I am currently going into my sophomore year at Drake University, where I am pursuing my degree in digital media production and advertising. I wanted to pursue a degree in digital media production and advertising because I have a deep passion for visual storytelling. I want to express my creativity and spread diversity in a field that is lacking in black voices by developing and communicating stories that will resonate and impower diverse audiences.

I first heard about TLF through my school’s scholarship board. I wanted to apply for the scholarship because I thought The TLF Foundation was a great opportunity for me to get connected with people in my field of interest, while also learning ways I can start getting involved in my industry. I am eager to build relationships and meet with like-minded individuals that share similar career ambitions to my own. I believe in TLF’s mission because I understand the importance of providing minorities with a voice in media and allowing them to share their vison. With this scholarship, I am now more confidante in my ability to find internships and connect with organizations within my desired industry.

Once I earn my degree, I hope to work for an advertising agency or write and direct screenplays for major film studios by the likes of Disney. I want to pursue these goals because I want to utilize my talents of visual communication to be a voice for change within my community. Bringing diversity into my industry is important because minority voices are often neglected within media and I believe that this problem has been detrimental to upcoming minority youth. 

Beyond receiving the scholarship, I hope to stay involved with for TLF for many years to come.



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