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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Natu Abraham
My name is Natu Abraham, I believe that culture and experiences form the parameters of who we are. At seven years old, my family won a lottery-visa, presenting us with the opportunity to immigrate to America from Eritrea, and the media played a significant role in my adaptation to the American culture. Being a first-generation student, most of my life I was adjusting, adapting, and taking initiative in different environments, shaping my character in a way that is driven, resilient, and respectful.

I’m a rising senior studying marketing and information systems at the University of Washington. With this education, I am pursuing a career in technology and media/entertainment. Within these industries, media and tech will allow me to have an impact on audience targeting, brand, and people engagement, creating creative campaigns that align with my diversity initiatives.

I’m a leader on my campus as the president of the Association of Black Business Students as I’m developing and maintaining the Black community and diversity initiatives with the business school’s Dean, employers, and staff. 

Within my passion for diversity and inclusion in this industry, I believe there should be more effort and work to bring people from diverse communities that would be part of the workforce that takes place in the “behind the scenes” of the industry.

Beyond receiving the scholarship, I want to continue to stay involved with TLF because of the established network and the funded opportunities it provides that I’m grateful for. I appreciate the impactful work TLF and Kim Hunter is doing for diverse leaders. TLF is my biggest tool laying the path towards these inspired career goals and leading diversity initiatives that change the media portrayal of minorities within those industries. 

I appreciate you, TLF.

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