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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Rene Horne
Greetings! My name is Rene Horne and I am a Junior at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. I recently transferred to Lamar in Fall 2019 after serving eight years in the United States Navy. Public Relations, my current major, was not my first major or even a choice. With the guidance of my department chair, Dr. Natalie Tindall, and supporting professors, the public relations profession was revealed to me and I was hooked instantly. 

TLF was introduced to me by way of school email and it caught my attention right away. After reading the testimonials from previous recipients and learning about the assortment of sponsors, I felt that TLF was unique compared to other scholarships and foundations. From its mission to its actions in communities, I believe in TLF’s approach to not just provide a platform for minorities but to also aid various communities nationally and globally through education and mentorship. 

Now that I am one of the great recipients of this scholarship, I plan to build interpersonal skills, widen my perspective on media involvement, and develop learning outcomes that produce positive results for my community and school. 

After completion of my degree, I hope to work alongside other communication professionals in the corporate and non-profit environments to create paths for all individuals to pursue their dreams regardless of race, gender orientation, and religious preference. Another privilege of being a recipient is having a wide arrangement of mentors along the way to assist with my growth especially during the current pandemic. 

I am incredibly grateful to my family and mentors in the Navy, Target and Lamar University for pushing me, even while I kicked and screamed along the way. 

Thank you TLF for this opportunity. I look forward to creating alongside this foundation.

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