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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Sophia Peng
My name is Sophia Peng and I am currently a sophomore student at University of Washington, where I am pursuing my degree in Marketing and Information Systems at the Michael G. Foster School of Business. Business is a path where I feel like my ideas and knowledge can bring forth positive innovation to the world. 

I first heard about TLF through the Foster School of Business. I wanted to apply to the scholarship because I felt so encouraged by an organization that dedicates itself to supporting underrepresented minorities in my passion for marketing. I believe in TLF’s mission because it aligns with mine: I will always have the goal of improving other people’s lives by connecting to the community. With this scholarship, I am now able to take charge of my own finances of adulthood and live out my parents’ American dream through my role as an aspiring successful first-generation business woman.

Once I earn my degree, I hope to be a marketing specialist for consumer brands. I would put forth positive messages through business. Marketing shapes the society we live in, whether it’s strategically providing an open story about a social/political movement or bringing attention to new technologies that assist everyday activities. Bringing diversity into my field of work is important because I want to serve as a role model and mentor for other first generation students like me, who have faced obstacles in pursuing a degree.

Beyond receiving the scholarship, I want to continue to stay involved with TLF because

they are an impactful organization that serves a greater purpose in business. 

Thank you to all my collegiate advisors for guiding me throughout the path to my marketing career, and to TLF for the scholarship and support that will help me achieve my goals in marketing.

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