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TLF 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient Susan Guo
My name is Susan Guo and I am a rising junior at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business pursuing a degree in Global Business concentrating in Marketing and Consumer Insights as well as Digital Media and Technology. Creativity is a powerful tool we all have, pursuing this path allows for me to express my creativity to problem solve and communicate.  

I first heard about TLF through an email from my university’s career center. After looking into the scholarship more, I was interested in becoming part of the community of like-minded hardworking individuals who come from similar backgrounds, as well as the resources the Foundation generously invests in its members. With this scholarship, I am encouraged to remain passionate about marketing and optimistic about my future career path. Upon graduating, I hope to become part of a passion-driven corporate marketing team that also values everyone’s creativity. Diversity is especially important in my field of work because campaigns without diversity in thought and culture often overlook details that may boost a campaign’s success or determine a campaign’s failure. 

TLF builds a community that supports and provides resources for success to individuals of similar backgrounds and career pursuits. TLF’s mission is trusted and I believe being a part of this community will open many doors and my eyes to the world of marketing. 

I would like to thank Professor Jennifer O’Neil for writing my letter of recommendation and for walking me through and breaking down my many spontaneous thoughts into manageable steps.

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