Seeking to enhance the academic and professional development of undergraduate and graduate ethnic minority students pursuing careers in advertising, marketing and public relations, The LAGRANT Foundation provides the following programs:

Each year, The LAGRANT Foundation provides 15 scholarships to undergraduate and graduate ethnic minority students who are attending accredited institutions and are pursuing careers in the fields of advertising, marketing or public relations. Graduate students $5,000 each and undergraduate students receive $2,500 each.

Career Development & Professional Workshops
The LAGRANT Foundation coordinates career & professional development workshops for students in major college markets nationwide. The workshops provide students with an opportunity to speak with industry professionals about their field of interest and specialty. Students also learn more about what it takes to begin a career in advertising, marketing and public relations.

Internship & Job Placement Program
The LAGRANT Foundation provides internship and employment placement assistance to its target students. Students and recent graduates are placed at selected advertising, public relations and marketing agencies, as well as, publishing companies and communications-related businesses. Internships consist of on-going, hands-on communications experience and training for at least a three-month period. In addition to placing interns and employees at our partnering organizations, we also provide internships at The LAGRANT Foundation office to those interested in the nonprofit sector.

Mentor Program
Scholarship recipients will have a chance to partner with mentors who provide them with opportunities for experience, exposure, guidance and career development. The mentors are advertising, marketing and public relations professionals who volunteer their time every other month for one year to meet with students and provide academic and professional guidance.