How We're Different
• We aren’t tied to our own products and services.  Unlike other firms that push their own products and services, we're not tied to or obligated to recommend particular solutions or vendors. That way we can recommend - from the whole universe of possibilities - the BEST solutions for your budget and your circumstances.
• We help prevent bad vendor experiences.  Most of our clients don’t have the time to exhaustively research and interview potential vendors. We bring over 20 years of marketing experience to your business, along with hundreds of vendors and resources that are pre-screened.
• We keep you apprised of the newest marketing ideas that can make a difference to your business.  We research and scour newsletters, web sites and journals for the latest and greatest in marketing ... and then we share that information with you!
• We specialize in freelancers and “boutique agencies”.  We know from years in marketing that you don’t always get what you’ve paid for from big, brand name agencies. That’s because unless you are Coke or General Motors, more often than not, you will have junior level people working on your account – but you’re still paying big agency prices. With our  freelancers and "boutique agencies", you'll get unbelievable talent for a reasonable price tag.
• We cater to all different budgets. We have a range of vendors that we work with … at both ends of the budget spectrum. We work closely with our clients to make sure that we match you with vendors and resources that fall within your budget. For entrepreneurs and start-ups, we even have many wonderful resources that are free … you just need to know about them.  That's what Mad Marketeer is here for.