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About Our Mentor Program
Scholarship recipients will have a chance to partner with mentors who provide them with opportunities for experience, exposure, guidance and career development. The mentors are advertising, marketing and public relations professionals who volunteer their time every other month for one year to meet with students and provide academic and professional guidance.

The program is designed to match each TLF Scholarship Recipient with a mentor and during the program, each student will maintain a tracking sheet where mentees describe their mentoring success. Six months into the program, the mentees will complete an evaluation of the program and any necessary adjustments will be made. At the end of the year, the mentees will complete a final evaluation on the effectiveness of the program. The questionnaire responses will be analyzed and will be considered when making program adjustments for the following year.

As a result of the mentor program, students will be much better prepared to overcome the challenges of entering the workforce and succeeding in the fields of advertising, marketing or public relations.

Mentors and mentees will connect via phone, email and/or in person. Mentors will provide guidance and answers to questions to recipients as it relates to their career goals. This will allow each recipient to establish a trusting relationship with their mentor, who will help develop networking opportunities within the communications industry and serve as an on-going resource to the student.