Counseling and Support Groups
You need our counseling services … here’s why
No matter your background, age or gender, vision change and/or loss is frightening (for both you AND your loved ones). This is because not only do you experience physical change, but you also experience emotional change.
We have had clients that have waited weeks, months, or even years to seek help, only to say after visiting our Center, “I wasted so much time thinking I couldn’t when, now I know, I could”.
Thus, our counseling is designed to help in the following areas:
  • Personal Adjustment: Physical and emotional
  • Activity Adjustment: Work, education and recreation
  • Relationship Adjustment: Family, co-workers, friends, etc.
Join a Support Group
In order to enable blind and vision impaired clients to remain independent, we also offer three types of groups that support an independent lifestyle:
Group Counseling
The San Diego Center for the Blind offers a number of support groups to assist the individual as they move into a more independent lifestyle.  Small group sessions cover a wide range of topics from dealing with anger and frustration, how to communicate with others, how to maintain a positive outlook towards life, and more.  
Diabetes Support
Due to the high rate of diabetes among the visually impaired population, this is a group designed specifically for visually impaired people with diabetes. We discuss self-monitoring, diet and exercise, and ways to adopt healthy lifestyles.
Transition Support
Being able to actually utilize newly learned skills and techniques in their community is the ultimate goal and true test of living as independently as possible.  Our transition group focuses on life afterbeing a part of the San Diego Center for the Blind and focuses on helping each client make their own personal transition back into their communities.


Group Counseling
This peer group session puts students together to share experiences, both positive and negative, with each other and compare problem solving skills and solutions to daily obstacles. Through shared experiences and open discussion, students help each other through the tough times and, along the way, make friendships that can last a lifetime.
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Need transportation to our Center?
If needed, we provide round-trip transportation
at no cost to students participating in Vision Rehabilitation Services.
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