2022 TLF Scholarship - Graduate Students
Meet Our Students

“TLF fundamentally changed my career trajectory. The organization provided me invaluable career advice as well as resources to network with PR/marketing industry veterans. Additionally, TLF helped me obtain my first job after graduating from UCSB at a leading PR agency in San Francisco. The mentorship I received through TLF has made a lasting impact on my career and I would not be where I am today without the organization’s support.“
Karen Kyi
Platforms Solutions Specialist, Google
2017 TLF Scholarship Recipient

“All I needed was the opportunity to prove I could succeed, and TLF provided that. Coming from a family with no connections to the communications industry, the foundation helped me get my foot in the door. Because of TLF, I was able to land my first internship opportunity that led to my current role supporting Microsoft's public relations."
Carmen Ma
Account Executive, WE Communications
2018 TLF Scholarship Recipient

"The LAGRANT Foundation is so much more than just a scholarship. The organization creates opportunity, champions diverse initiatives, and connects industry movers and shakers. Through TLF, I was admitted to the Harold Burson Summer Internship Program at Burson Cohn & Wolfe. This opportunity gave me hands-on experience working with top PR professionals in public affairs & crisis. This internship laid the foundation for my passion as a strategist, analyst, and communicator. If one thing is certain, it's that TLF jump-started my career."
Alicia Tran
Business Strategist, Invesco Ltd.
2016 & 2017 Scholarship Recipient

“I want to be a part of a company that believes in a multicultural, intermixed and intertwined workforce where individuals challenge one another. With the support of The LAGRANT Foundation, I will continue to work to make that a reality.”
Melanie Wicander
University of Michigan
2010 TLF Scholarship Recipient

“I’ve have had a successful career in the PR/marketing world, in huge part due to the support of TLF. I’m in my dream job and have made it my mission to be that “someone you know” for rising students and TLF alumni.”
Danielle Calhoun
Vice President, Weber Shandwick
2008 & 2009 TLF Scholarship Recipient

“From when I was a college student, to well into my career, The LAGRANT Foundation has highlighted the best of what our industry can be when we are intentional about creating spaces for underrepresented talent to thrive. The opportunities, networking and genuine relationships I've built through the program are central to my career.”
Bjorn Trowery
Consumer Communications & Brand PR, Facebook
2007 TLF Scholarship Recipient

“TLF is much more than a scholarship. Through TLF, I was able to receive my first NYC internship at CRT/Tanaka as well as my first role out of college at Verizon. I was able to meet diverse professionals who became role models. I began to believe that I can aim higher.”
Debbie Ebalobo
Director of External Communications, The Coca-Cola Company
2008 & 2009 TLF Scholarship Recipient